We’re going to MAFA- can’t wait

A few of us have signed up for MAFA ( Mid-Atlantic Fiber Arts Conference) this year it is in Millersville PA.  I am so excited to finally work with Joann Hall a master at Swedish Weaving.

When I return I will be posting the schedule of classes for the fall winter sessions and listing dates- always a challenge. The actual classes will be posted here real soon and the dates will follow.

New in the shop:

***A complete line of Gems merino fingering weight yarn.  I love it  for weaving , including tapestry and knitting. It makes great socks.

***Glimakra countermarch loom with a resume that tells you skies the limit.

*** A complete line of cotton fiber and flax fiber for spinning.

***Rigid heddle looms from Ashford, Kromski and Schacht

Stop by and see how we have remodeled our displays to make it easier to see everything at a glance.  I am finished showing for the year and after MAFA you will find me home and in the shop more then not.  If you want to drop by just call 810-923-1136 just to be sure I’m not doing hay or running errands.  Questions answered free and as always browsing is allowed of course.

We are hosting a Spinzilla team and details for sign up and the free classes that are provided for our team will be posted here on the blog.  PS we give great prizes to our team at the end.

Happy Fiber Arts Betty



Louet Fiber On Sale

It is with a sad heart that one of my favorite  suppliers of spinning fiber will no longer be carrying them. Louet is dropping their spinning Fiber line.    My hope is that someone else will pick up that account where I was able to get a wide range of wool breeds, colored blended top  and unique fibers.  We have however attempted to get in a good supply and are alerting you to the end of this particular era.  We have a large selection of Northern Lights, Merino and silk, flax in many styles and a few beautiful mohair locks all for your consideration.  They will however keep carrying their complete line spinning and weaving equipment and are expanding their line of weaving and knitting yarns.  I’m looking forward to those this fall.

The new Ply Magazine is full of information on the Bobbin -Led wheels.  Because of this and because I have loved these wheels for years they are on sale for a while at 10% off the retail price if you mention our blog.   Specifically my favorite is the S10C a double treadle bobbin-led wheel.   Most of my tapestry weaving yarns are made on this wonderful machine

SPINZILLA Packs will be forthcoming this year thru September.  This has been a wonderful set of various spinning fibers for almost half the retail price.  We can reserve your bundle if you let us know.  Gate House Fiber Arts will be hosting a Spinzilla team this year again.  This team will be meeting in September for several hours while we discuss the rules for counting yardage, tune up wheels and look into methods you can use for production spinning.

Class schedule for fall is in the works and will be posted at the beginning of July and the actual dates will be added mid August.   We are holding 4 Spinning in depth weekends as well as our 4 harness weaving weekends.  Several exploratory classes will be offered where you can use our equipment for your class – rigid heddle intro, 4 harness weaving intro, inkle loom, tri- loom, tapestry.

Spinning classes will cover : Exploration of Fiber Preparation and Finishing; Twist and Ply with confidence; Art Yarn: Anything goes, you be the judge; Basts Fibers- Linen and Friends; Yarn Production- Way More then Spinning, Beginning Spinning Saturdays

Weaving Classes  will focus on intro to rigid heddle weaving, 4 harness weaving, crackle weave, Swedish weaving, Tapestry intro and advance and Triangle weaving.  For all of the weaving classes you can sign up to use the equipment we have on hand.

Happy Memorial Day Flash Sale May 29 th 10-2

Kromski minstrel mag090913This Kromski Minstrel in Mahogany has all the parts including distaff, Lazy Kate, Jumbo Flyer Kit, Stool, Niddy Noddy and of course the wheel.  Total retail value is $1096 plus tax.  Offered during our flash sale for $900 plus tax.  Only one available.

Kromski Merino top normally $34 a pound is $22 .  Most all colors available and you can mix and match. kromski[1]

The Kromski Sonata in clear lacquer shown below comes with a carry bag. For our flash sale we are adding a tensioned Lazy Kate and a matching Niddy Noddy and Jumbo Flyer Kit so you are ready to go on the road and spin too.  Total retail price is $961 plus tax , flash sale is $785 plus tax.   Several other unlisted items will be included on this limited flash sale.  Come join us take advantage of the day and enjoy your holiday.



We now have a good selection of 8/2 cotton unmercerized for all those hand towels we weavers love to make.  Along with that is a complete line of merino fingering weight for weavers of all styles, floor loom rigid heddle, tapestry, …….

Our new line of countermarch looms has just arrived from Glimakra.  A user friendly loom 26.5 inch weaving width for a very reasonable price point.  Come and meet her.

We will be hosting a Spinzilla Team again this year through TNNA.  Last year we were a small team and paired with another and our joint teams came in 20th out of 75- not too shabby our first time out.  We are hoping to field a full 20 person team this year.  Our Louet Spinzilla packs are arriving each month.  Dave at Louet has put together some awesome combinations for a cost to you of $80 plus tax but there is over $120 of value in the packs.  Each month is a different combination which is also a great way to try new fibers and build your stash for winter.

This coming fall and winter we will again host our weaving weekends which were a big hit last year and we will add a monthly Spinners weekend.  Topics will include Silk and silk blends, Twist as a design factor, Ply your way to success, Art Yarn ins and outs, Bast fibers- Linen and friends. These are the workshops I am preparing for so let me know which ones interest you the most.  There are 5 possibilities  and four weekends.  These workshops will be held on Saturdays from 9:30 – 5:00 in October, November, February and March.  Dates to become available in August at the lastest.

We are upgrading our web store to include a cart for your ease and convienence.

Also due to my rather limited techie status several of my lasts blog posts did not go live- dah.  Classes for the summer are on going.  Call and come by.

Happy New Year 2017

We hope all of you have the best year ever and of course that includes your fiber projects and aspirations.  As you may have guessed I am not a techie.  We use GotWeb for all our computer needs.  I can highly recommend their services.

We currently represent Louet, Kromski, Schacht, Harrisville, Blue Butterfly Pin Looms, Hogget tapestry looms as well as several other small companies.  For all your rag rug weavers we have contacts for the perfect rug loom, and rags, selvedges and warp of all kinds.

I have struggled with the idea of Blog or newsletter.  I for one get way too many emails.  I have tried just the blog for past two months.  Your input would help Please!!!

The new class list will be up soon on the web soon but for all those who plan in advance here are the dates and classes. Spinners and Weavers help sessions T,W,TH.  Contact us appt.  Our daily hours here are flexible.

Just a note we have added 2 evening focus groups: Tapestry Weaving 2nd Wed. each month and Spinning 3rd Wed. of each month. The group  will help plan our direction.

January 20-22  Weaving Weekend $245 plus materials :Fri. 6-9 Sat & Sun 9:30-5 this workshop repeats February 24-26 and March 24-26 focus on 4 -8 harness  & rigid heddle creative techniques

January 28-29:  Tapestry Weaving Weekend 10-4 both days $150 plus materials NEW CLASS

February 4th Pin Loom Project 10-4 $85 plus materials. We have looms for you to use.

March 4th: Inkle Bands Focus on Wool 10-4 $85 plus materials we have looms to use. NEW CLASS

March 18-19: Tapestry Weaving Weekend #2 10-4 Both days $150 plus materials.

April 1 Color Blending with the Masters.  A fun class for spinners that will redirect how you organize blending in your yarn and/finished project. NEW CLASS.

April 8-9 : Then we are off to Fiber Expo Ann Arbor Saline Michigan. Hope to see you there if I don’t break something like this fall (haha)

A Spinners Retreat is being planned for September 16-17 SAVE THE DATE.






It truly is a wonderful time of year.  We are especially excited this year as my daughter and family have moved back from Illinois and of course that makes it very easy to see our grand daughter Ava.  What joy!!  All the Grandmas I know said you will have a great time with her so didn’t get it but I do now.  We took her to the Detroit Zoo for the light show It was wonderful and if you get a chance go next week , it is the last week for this year.

As for the studio we have had a great 4th quarter and have met lots of people in love with spinning weaving just fiber in general.  I go to work but it is really like going to play.  Soo………… as a thank you for all the time we have spent together next Tuesday we are having a flash sale on fiber  –  Buy one of something at full price get the second one of a same priced fiber half off.  This is a great time to stock up for the long winter nights and even better time to buy enough fiber to spin for that larger project.

SO  TUESDAY DECEMBER 27TH   FROM 10-3  Hope to see you then.  Meanwhile have a wonderful holiday season

Merry Christmas  and a Happy Healthy Fiber Filled New Year.


Ready Set Go to Gate House Sat. 10-3

Incredible deals for the Holiday season.  Mention this add on Saturday and get 15 % off any fiber purchase as well.

Note:  I have found I love spinning cotton especially on a support spindle.  I love it because I can sit at night with it in my lap and take my time making that next 6 inches of yarn.  At times ( due to my inconsistencies at this time) I can see how they used to produce thread.  When they used to do that I am not sure they did much else.  I often wonder what the world would accomplish if we did not watch TV but rather just listened to the radio or nothing.

However  I’m also finding it is a long way to getting enough yarn for a woven garment.  And yet the ancient cultures made their garments using this primitive process.  Guess to them it was not so primitive.  Next stop my highest speed spinning wheel.

Well, back to the looms:  finishing 2 summer and winter scarves on the wolf pup and winding warp for 7 more kitchen towel- just can keep them in the shop.  We do make them for you if you have a special order for a gift or special event.  All you need to do is give us a month.

See you Saturday and keep your eyes peeled on the workshop page for the winter classes.

4 harness weaving, locker hooking, pin loom weaving level 2 etc.