Livingston Spinners Meets Sat. Feb. 3rd

Come join us and have a 3 hours block to spin, share or just sit quietly.  A wonderful group of fiber artists that enjoy the company of like minded people.

New in the studio as of this week is a new product for the weaver , knitter and crochet enthusiast.  A 4/2 cotton in 6 different colorways and 15 companion solids.  We can’t wait for you to see and try them out.

We will be extending our product line for Ashford, Harrisville and Glimakra.  New on the wish list is an 8 harness Harrisville 22 inch floor loom, Glimakra rigid heddle looms, reed and lease stick holder, temples in all sizes.  Already here is an 8 harness Glimara countermarch loom.  I find it different then the standard Jack looms seen in SE Michigan but easier to warp and you can achieve tighter tension without danger of breaking warp threads.  As for Ashford we will be carrying a full line of their “How to” books, wheels like the Traveler, Traditional, Kiwi and Elizabeth, an  8 harness table loom is next on the list for people with limited space.  The biggest wish is the 2018 is the Ashford 8 harness Jack loom with 38 inch weaving width at a very reasonable price. This loom had been discontinued for 10 years and is back.

Soooooooo…….. January- March

First Saturday of the month Livingston Spinners 10-1.

Second Saturday the shop is closed while I attend Spinners Flock in Saline Ann Arbor.

Third Saturday Spinning Workshop 10-4 tailored to the Beginner but flexible enough to assist the most Advanced Spinners wanting to try something new.  $85 plus materials.

Fourth Saturday Weaving on the Rigid Heddle or floor loom. 10-4  $85 plus materials.

Please go to our new google listing and give us a review and like us on Facebook.




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