Happy Memorial Day Flash Sale May 29 th 10-2

Kromski minstrel mag090913This Kromski Minstrel in Mahogany has all the parts including distaff, Lazy Kate, Jumbo Flyer Kit, Stool, Niddy Noddy and of course the wheel.  Total retail value is $1096 plus tax.  Offered during our flash sale for $900 plus tax.  Only one available.

Kromski Merino top normally $34 a pound is $22 .  Most all colors available and you can mix and match. kromski[1]

The Kromski Sonata in clear lacquer shown below comes with a carry bag. For our flash sale we are adding a tensioned Lazy Kate and a matching Niddy Noddy and Jumbo Flyer Kit so you are ready to go on the road and spin too.  Total retail price is $961 plus tax , flash sale is $785 plus tax.   Several other unlisted items will be included on this limited flash sale.  Come join us take advantage of the day and enjoy your holiday.



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