It truly is a wonderful time of year.  We are especially excited this year as my daughter and family have moved back from Illinois and of course that makes it very easy to see our grand daughter Ava.  What joy!!  All the Grandmas I know said you will have a great time with her so didn’t get it but I do now.  We took her to the Detroit Zoo for the light show It was wonderful and if you get a chance go next week , it is the last week for this year.

As for the studio we have had a great 4th quarter and have met lots of people in love with spinning weaving just fiber in general.  I go to work but it is really like going to play.  Soo………… as a thank you for all the time we have spent together next Tuesday we are having a flash sale on fiber  –  Buy one of something at full price get the second one of a same priced fiber half off.  This is a great time to stock up for the long winter nights and even better time to buy enough fiber to spin for that larger project.

SO  TUESDAY DECEMBER 27TH   FROM 10-3  Hope to see you then.  Meanwhile have a wonderful holiday season

Merry Christmas  and a Happy Healthy Fiber Filled New Year.



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