Ready Set Go to Gate House Sat. 10-3

Incredible deals for the Holiday season.  Mention this add on Saturday and get 15 % off any fiber purchase as well.

Note:  I have found I love spinning cotton especially on a support spindle.  I love it because I can sit at night with it in my lap and take my time making that next 6 inches of yarn.  At times ( due to my inconsistencies at this time) I can see how they used to produce thread.  When they used to do that I am not sure they did much else.  I often wonder what the world would accomplish if we did not watch TV but rather just listened to the radio or nothing.

However  I’m also finding it is a long way to getting enough yarn for a woven garment.  And yet the ancient cultures made their garments using this primitive process.  Guess to them it was not so primitive.  Next stop my highest speed spinning wheel.

Well, back to the looms:  finishing 2 summer and winter scarves on the wolf pup and winding warp for 7 more kitchen towel- just can keep them in the shop.  We do make them for you if you have a special order for a gift or special event.  All you need to do is give us a month.

See you Saturday and keep your eyes peeled on the workshop page for the winter classes.

4 harness weaving, locker hooking, pin loom weaving level 2 etc.




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