Thursday June 11- Saturday June 13th 2020

Its been a rough time for everyone lately and with that said I am holding a 25% off sale of everything in stock Since I am not sure what the rules will be then please call 810-923-1136 to get on the list or email gatehousefarm@yahoo.com with your preferred date and time to arrive at the shop. I am sure you will need a mask and there will be no bathroom availability. Everything will be set up for easy viewing.

Hope to see you soon, don’t miss these deals for equipment, accessories, yarn and roving


January Newletter 2020

Its been a rough holiday season here. One of my horses was very sick and ended up at MSU for 4 days. He is doing better daily now so I can breathe.

So.. that said we at the Gate House Studio are in full swing. I personally cant wait to get back to Spinners Flock the second Saturday of the month and host our Livingston Spinners group the first Saturday of the Month. Looking forward to seeing everyone in February.

Over the years we have discovered the best way to help our clients is with a flexible schedule. What that means is “If you want to learn something call us 810-923-1136, tell us what you would like to learn and schedule when we mutually have an opening.

Beginning Tapestry Weaving includes a small loom and supplies and 2 hours of instruction for $70. If there are 3 or more together the class will go for 3 hours so there is time for individual questions.

Beginning Spinning- Part I: I highly recommend two 1.5 hr lessons back to back. You will need to purchase one of our beginner friendly drop spindle and 4 ounces of fiber also recommended for success. Each 1.5 hr lesson is $40 plus your choice of spindle and fiber.

Beginning Spinning Part II: Which wheel is best for you? Since we have a large variety of wheels in the studio during your lessons in this segment you will use one our wheels. We will also talk about the pros and cons of various wheels. Normally after the 2 lessons in part I transferring to the wheel does not take a lot of time. This class is 2- 1.5 hr lessons. All you’ll need for materials is fiber we recommend for spinning

I am planning a Beginning floor loom class for February 28-March 1. Friday we will meet from 6-8:30 Saturday 9:30-5:00 Sunday 9:30- 4. You will use our floor looms and warping boards. Class is $320 plus materials. You must call to get a loom assignment and pay a non refundable fee of $50 to hold your registration.

Tri-Loom Weaving: We have 18″tri- looms that are included in your class. Many people use this style loom to use their odds and ends of yarn and then make patchwork clothing, shawls, scarves hats etc. Your imagination is the limit. 2 Hrs $75 includes the small tri loom. Bring your stash.

As always looms, wheel, accessories always on hand. If we don’t have what you want we can get it. Other classes that have been popular of late – Inkle and band loom weaving, Pin Loom Weaving.

Looking forward to helping you along on your fiber journey.

Best Wishes


Black November Sale

Time to get on the road and make your way to Gate House Fiber Arts. We are preparing a huge sale before the Christmas rush. This way if we need to order something on your list we have a fighting chance of getting it before the holidays.

10-20% off in house equipment or opt for the loom or wheel accessories . Currently in stock Harrisville floor loom, Wolf Pup LT 4 harness, Wolf Pup 8 harness. All 3 of these make great travel looms for workshops, as well as many finished products, a complete Schacht flip 25 inch with stand, trap and extra heddles, glimakra rigid heddle 27 inch with stand.

Spinning Wheels Ashford Joy, Ashford Kiwi 3, Schacht Matchless, Louet double treadle. Normally we can get any Ashford, or Kromski in a week or 10 days so this is a good time to order as well.

Fiber for Spinning (Shetland, corriedale, merino multi colored, merino and silk, wool and linen and of course silk and linen alone. Yarn for weaving is also available (Harrisville in all colors, mercerized and unmercerised 8/2 cotton, variegated cotton and boucle’4/2, 6/2 unmercerised cotton, Borg’s 22/2 wool ( also known as fine lace yarn) Borg’s ” Tuna” a beautiful worsted weight yarn for weaving, knitting crocheting and a medium size wool single also good for quick projects, tapestry to name a few.

We are making up a few kits for the fiber enthusiast: Pin loom with yarn and instruction, complete cotton workshop in a box -has everything you need to learn to spin cotton, a few tapestry kits with step by step book, Inkle looms for bands and belts.

Mark you calender! call if you are driving over a half hour and be early so you have the best selection. We will be unavailable Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Open 9-6 on Black Saturday

See you soon Betty

October Newsletter 10/2019

A lot has been happening at Gate House Fiber Arts!!!! We are in process of setting up computer so when you enter your email you will be automatically linked to our monthly newsletter. This will be special as you will receive a heads up on all the classes, workshops new fibers and yarns coming in the studio. This is really exciting for me as I am not I repeat not a computer savvy person. However I have hired good help that is teaching me how to handle the 21st century.

I am having trouble with the hours signature on google; so if you want to come to get your fiber fix just email gatehousefarm@yahoo.com or call 810-923-1136. Currently I’ m here most of the time. For sure I’m at Spinners Flock on the second Saturday of each month, so never in studio that day. The first Saturday of the month Is Livingston Spinners here at the studio 10-1. Join us with your wheel drop spindle of fiber prep project. We just visit and chat. FUN!

Our Fiber Expo last weekend in Ann Arbor/Saline fairgrounds was awesome and fun. We met tons of old friends and lots of new ones. I will be taking about 5-6 days off between now and Thanksgiving week to make a tour of the east coast spinning and weaving studios. I hope this comes together. It allows me to get out of Dodge so to speak and also firsthand see what’s happening elsewhere.

Note: We still have an opening in our beginning 4 harness weaving class scheduled for October 28-29 10-4 or later if necessary. Yes you can weave with Holloween colors if you like!

Starting in November when I get back, I will be starting a beginning spinning series for those of you who have been waiting. If you are interested please contact me and let me know. Several people expressed and interest at the Fiber Expo. I plan to offer a Saturday workshop as well as a weekday workshop, each month. This will get you really ready for your fiber fairs next summer.

Take Care, Make what you like, spin what you want


September Newsletter 9/20/2019

Well its not Monday but the Newsletter was done and something happened. So….. here we go. I ‘m late writing this due to a wonderful vacation in the UP. You don’t know you need a break sometimes until you actually take one. It was great.

Beginning 4 harness weaving and or rigid heddle weaving will be Monday-Tuesday 9/23-9/24, 10-4 PM You will need a notebook, and sack lunch. There is one opening in September. You can arrive a bit early and get acquainted and have a cup of coffee or tea. the cost of the workshop is $290 for both days plus you materials. This class is also scheduled for October 28-29 10-4 PM. 2 Openings still available, we assign looms when you sign up. This cost includes the use of the loom and is an excellent way to learn to weave and learn about various looms before you invest in one of your own.

Livingston Spinners meets on the first Saturday of the month from 10-1 from October-April. This is a gathering not a guild. Feel free to join us. We don’t give lessons during this time just spin and share what we are doing.

Wednesdays 10-12 we devote lesson time to Spinners who are working on a project, or try a new fiber. We have an amazing variety of fiber for the spinner. Come see for yourself the list is long.

Navajo Style Weaving will be November 11-13. $365. We have found a portable and manageable table size Navajo loom. Perfect for learning the methodology. Looms are $145 each. Yarn is $14 per skein but participants have split skeins to add more variety of color. 4 participants only. Join us for this style steeped in history.

August 2019 Newsletter 8/4/2019

Welcome Spinners, Weavers and crafters.  We will be publishing a newsletter every month to keep you up to date on current classes and those in the immediate future as well.

Beginning Weaving on 4 harnesses Monday August 12th and 19th.  10-4 $ 290 plus materials.  You may use our looms or bring your own.  Basics of warping, calculating your project, tensioning and weaving will be covered.

Spinning Classes this month are Wednesday August 7, 14, 21 from 10-11:30 sometimes we go to noon. $40.00 plus materials.  You are welcome to bring fiber you have that you need help with.

Wednesday September 18th we are hosting a Dye workshop.  10-3:00 $145 plus materials fee $20 for dyes used that day.  We have fiber to dye or bring your own.

September we will host another 2 day floor loom weaving class call 810-923-1136 for days or check back in to our newsletter area in September.

New in studio:  *a large order of Frabjous 3 feet of sheep, and lambs tail. Remember lambs tail is super wash so its perfect for socks and the like.  4 and 8 harness wolf pups- a great workshop floor loom.  The 4 harness with 6 treadles is here the 8 due at the end of the month.  The 50th anniversary Schacht Matchless Spinning wheel in cherry is here and beautiful.  Shetland roving back from the mill in many colors.

Our line of Swedish yarns is expanding.  We currently have Tuna 3.5 oz. +/- 330 yards, Mora 3.5 oz. +/- 1035 yards, Rug  or bold tapestry yarn 3.5 oz. +/- 136yds.

Coming soon:  16/1 linen 4.4 oz. +/- 1425 yards,22/2 cottolin  and cotton8.8 oz. +/- 1800 yards.

You still have time to order wheels and looms for the Holiday season.  Let us know your needs.   We are generally open daily, but if you are coming a long way call first so I can take the time to answer all of your questions and show you around.

Have fun,    keep creating  Betty


Travel Wheels and Looms Are Here

Summers here! such a busy time getting the barns ready for the new hay, getting horses worked for the upcoming shows. In the shop we have several travel wheels available, the Ashord Joy in her own carry bag,  Louet Victoria with a back pack and a Kromski Walnut sonata with bag.  Several Rigid Heddle looms and stands, Kromski, Schacht and Glimakra as well.

Super new spinning Fibers from Frabjous Fibers.  “Three Feet of Sheep 8 oz custom dyed BFL-Silk” and Their “Lambs Tail 5 oz Hand dyed Lucky Baaahboo Top” consisting of 60% Superwash Merino 30%Bamboo and 10 % Nylon perfect for a lot of projects but especially socks

We are pleased to announce that Joann Hall ( a specialist in Swedish weaving and well known clinician) will be here at the studio for a weaving workshop in May.  Dates will be solidified in a while as will the curriculum.

For the Summer Mondays and Wednesdays are reserved for Spinning class 1-3PM and Tuesday and Thursday we will focus on weaving 1-3PM. The studio is air conditioned so its a good time to get out of the heat.  All you have to do is call 810-923-1136 and sign up for a day and time.  No more then 3 students will be taken on any given day.  Do you have something you want to learn or revisit but you cant take the time for a whole day at a festival give us a call.  If you work during the day I am available Monday evening from 6:30-8:30 for Spinning and Tuesday 6:30-8:30 for weaving.  If you are in the area feel free to drop in.  If you’re coming a long way call first.

Weaving Workshop Weekends this Fall and Winter are on the following dates.  Mark you calender and send in a $50 deposit to hold your spot.

October 5,6,7:  November 16,17,18;  February 22,23,24;  March 17,18,19 May will be our workshop with Joann Hall after May 9, 2019 dates to be announced.

We only take 4-5 people for each of these workshops to give you personal attention.  We use 4-8 harness looms and an occasional rigid heddle weaver will join us.  This is a great time to try a floor loom if you have not had a chance in the past.

Spinners we have not forgotten you. Wool Breeds- why its important to choose carefully for your project; Carding; preparing wool from fleece, learn to make the yarn you want, color how it works and when it doesn’t.  These are a few ideas that can be covered in the weekly afternoons or evenings just sign up for 4 weeks in a month Mondays and or Wednesdays.

On a personal note I think my vegetable garden may be the best ever, and my granddaughter, all  of a sudden decided she wanted to ride my experience show mare, talk about surprise!!!!!.  My daughter and her family are raising bees for honey and what an amazing story bees can tell.  All in all a pretty great summer unfolding.  Hope yours is doing fine as well.  See you soon Betty

Yarn! and More Yarn Feb 12th 2018

Whether you are a weaver, knitter, crochet enthusiast or fiber artist in general , you will enjoy the new wool yarns arriving gradually over the next month from Sweden.  A beautiful array of color in 4 weights for your artistic pleasure.  The colors and types of yarn will soon be added to the web site.  They have names like Mora ( fine lace weight yarn 1035 yards per  3.5 oz. skein) , Faro ( 665 yds per 3.5 oz. skein) Tuna ( 330 yards per 3.5 oz. skein) and Mattgarn a singles yarn great for tapestry ( 128 yards in a 3.5 oz. skein)

WEAVING CLASSES February – April 2018

Beginning Weaving Floor Loom: Friday 6-9,Saturday & Sunday 9:30-5 Open to Beginners or those with some rigid heddle experience.
Choose February 23-25th or March 23-25th. Use of our looms our looms included with your tuition. You will learn to warp and weave a project that you will complete and take with you during this weekend workshop.  Looms are available for sale for a discount if you are signed up for the class and purchase or order that weekend. $ 225 plus materials.

Tapestry Weaving: 4 week class March 7th-28th 10-12 am
Warp a frame loom, learn basic tapestry weaving techniques.. Beginners and intermediate students will design their project and use. Students should finish a project and learn basic finishing techniques. Various looms can be used including rigid heddle or frame loom. All are available here. $ 125 plus materials

Inkle Loom Weaving: Sat TBA   Let us know you are interested when we get a class we will notify you of the time. Looms available for use or bring your own. Make narrow belts, ribbons and straps etc, too many applications to list. A small portable loom with 100’s of pattern possibilities. The Focus will be “How to Use Read and apply Pattern drafts. We have extra Inkle looms for you to use in the class. $85 plus materials includes loom use.

Triangle Loom Weaving: Exploration
Explore the possibilities when weaving on a continuous stand loom. The class is structured for beginner-advanced. Clothing and accessory design possible as you literally put the pieces together. Looms available for use in this class.  Can be taken week days in 2 consecutive week for 2 hrs. each week

Spinning Classes:
Beginning Spinning: Sat. February 17th & March 17th 10-4
Learn the basics of spinning yarn on a drop spindle, and then on the wheel. This 6 hour class will teach you the basics of making yarn. $85 plus materials

Stop in as soon as you can and see what we’ve been up to.  Find us on google , like us on facebook.

See you soon,  Betty

Livingston Spinners Meets Sat. Feb. 3rd

Come join us and have a 3 hours block to spin, share or just sit quietly.  A wonderful group of fiber artists that enjoy the company of like minded people.

New in the studio as of this week is a new product for the weaver , knitter and crochet enthusiast.  A 4/2 cotton in 6 different colorways and 15 companion solids.  We can’t wait for you to see and try them out.

We will be extending our product line for Ashford, Harrisville and Glimakra.  New on the wish list is an 8 harness Harrisville 22 inch floor loom, Glimakra rigid heddle looms, reed and lease stick holder, temples in all sizes.  Already here is an 8 harness Glimara countermarch loom.  I find it different then the standard Jack looms seen in SE Michigan but easier to warp and you can achieve tighter tension without danger of breaking warp threads.  As for Ashford we will be carrying a full line of their “How to” books, wheels like the Traveler, Traditional, Kiwi and Elizabeth, an  8 harness table loom is next on the list for people with limited space.  The biggest wish is the 2018 is the Ashford 8 harness Jack loom with 38 inch weaving width at a very reasonable price. This loom had been discontinued for 10 years and is back.

Soooooooo…….. January- March

First Saturday of the month Livingston Spinners 10-1.

Second Saturday the shop is closed while I attend Spinners Flock in Saline Ann Arbor.

Third Saturday Spinning Workshop 10-4 tailored to the Beginner but flexible enough to assist the most Advanced Spinners wanting to try something new.  $85 plus materials.

Fourth Saturday Weaving on the Rigid Heddle or floor loom. 10-4  $85 plus materials.

Please go to our new google listing and give us a review and like us on Facebook.



Happy New Year- Welcome 2018

Yes its a new beginning and we are ready to learn a lot and have some fun.

Overview of the January Schedule:

Weekdays ( except Thursdays) we have private and semi private classes in all kinds of spinning and weaving.

First Saturday of the month is the Livingston Spinners: a group that meets from 10-1 and we spin, chat share and plan

Second Saturday of the month we are at Spinner’s Flock in Chelsea Middle school from 10-1.  If you are going and you need some fiber,  or equipment let us know in advance and we will bring it down

Third Saturday of the month is a Spinning Class from 9:30-3  $75 plus materials, limited to 6 participants. A great place for beginners too where you have a lot of time to begin to learn this wonderful productive skill.  Supplies for the class are available for purchase and if you are a beginner  you should try the large selection of wheels we have on the floor before you make a purchase.

Fourth Saturday of the Month is the weaving workshop, limited to 4 participants 9:30-4  $85 plus materials.  Rigid Heddle looms are available for the class and that cost will be calculated in your materials fee.

Its been frigid  cold and the care of the animals has taken a great deal of my time and attentions.  More later.  Questions call or text 810-923-1136

Best Betty